Pienaar Coat of Arms

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Pienaar Coat of Arms still in Progress
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The tree detail

Jacques Pienaar was the first guinea pig. His coat of arms is also a representation of the Afrikaans culture.

They have a grandfather who left them a legacy, a legacy that made this Pienaar family as close knit as they are.

Their coat of arms consists of the following:

Back pentagons – The Pienaar family boast about their knowledge in the Sciences, so I decided to make the backbone of their Crest the backbone of any molecule, the Lewis structure.

Kalahari scene – The Kalahari scene is an annual holiday for the Pienaars. They go to a game farm their grandfather bought and there is a tree on it called ‘oupa se boom’, where the Pienaars go and have a picnic to honour their grandfather.

Kleinmond – Also a structure their grandfather bought. A building that was once surrounded by trees is now surrounded by houses and cars. Luckily they still have an amazing view of the mountains in the back.

Gin and Tonic – Jacques’ grandfather was a big fan of gin and tonic. At big events Gin and tonic is the main drink, and fights can get rowdy over how many lemons is just perfect.

All these elements are squashed into the coat of arms, which may make it a very untraditional one but all and all speaks close to Jacques Pienaar’s heart.

Pienaar detail
Pienaar detail
Pienaar coat of arms almost done.
Pienaar coat of arms almost done.

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