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Absa Community Website Launch

We created a set of social posts to introduce a new webpage launched by Absa Life. On this platform people are encouraged to share their ideas, their grievances etc.

Visually we wanted to showcase happy families where the famous Absa gestures are hugging the family.

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Month of Love Rewards Campaign


We created an Absa Rewards Social Campaign to advertise their Rewards Travel competition. The Visual direction was so showcase all the rewards in an interesting and appealing way to entice the consumer to keep watching.

In the video the rewards jumps at you one by one to create 1 key visual that encompasses all the rewards.

Absa Home Loan Digital Proposition Campaign

It’s one thing to say we are digital, but it’s another to sound like we are. By incorporating the digital evolution of your signature being on a document, we can show just how digitally savvy we are.

This one aspect in the journey, which signifies the completion of the process, does a good job at communicating the ease and convenience of digital Absa Home Loan applications: 1)From start to finish – You can’t get to the end unless you’ve gone through the whole process. 2)E-paper trail – Copies of contracts are automatically emailed to the customer; no human error can be factored in here for anything forgotten. 3)Purely digital experience – There’s no broker or ‘unwarranted’ phone calls that the customer would need to endure to complete their home loan application.

Post Copy:
Can’t get time off? With Absa’s Home Loan online application, you can apply and get an answer even during your lunch break. Plus, get R5 000 real cash back* with Absa Rewards. Ts & Cs apply. Click here to open doors to possibilities:

Digi Brand Development 2

I was tasked to develop a brand construct for Digimune. Below, I am showcasing my 2nd concept.

With concept 2 I played with the D and a rectangle shape. I combined the two to create a feeling of safety but also openness at the same time. Giving it a positive spin.

Digi Brand Development 1

I was tasked to develop a brand construction for a brand called Digimune. Here I am showcasing my 1st concept.

With concept 1 I played with the D and M from Digimune to try and create a overlapping of sorts. This overlapping was important as it showcases multifaceted, looking deeper than one should. I love the way this created the negative space and made it almost useful. Also linking that Digimune sorts out the negative part for you.

Absa Emoji Creation

I was tasked to create sticker like emoticons for Absa Social Media

Summer of I can Emoticon
Happy Absa Emoticon
Money Emoticon
Rewards Emoticon
Credit Card
Cellphone Emoticon

Old Mutual Get Ahead of Life

I was tasked to create a social media campaign to accompany the get ahead of life campaign for Old Mutual.

Idea 1:
The idea was to take the existing persona’s and engage the audience to help them decide their future by giving them 2 scenarios and asking the audience what they think the person should do.

Idea 2:
The second idea was to make the selfie more meaningful by asking the audience to visualise their own future by taking a selfie and using custom stickers from Old Mutual to enhance the selfie.

Idea 1

Idea 2