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uBank / MTN MoMo

MTN MoMo is a brand new digital banking product, brought to market by MTN and underpinned by Ubank. Salt and Candy was tasked with acquiring 1 million new customer accounts using only organic means of reach.

At the heart of this campaign is connection. On a pragmatic level, MoMo provides a safe and convenient money-saving and sending mobile facility. This free facility only requires a SA cellphone number, which makes the barrier to entry virtually non-existent, an important asset for our target market. But on an emotional level, it offers so much more.

It’s a connection to those who we hold dear, why we work, live, struggle and sacrifice everything we sacrifice each day.

We positioned MTN MoMo at the centre of hard-working South Africans who, at a time when social distancing is necessary, need connection more than ever.

Because of MoMo, bills were paid, households were run, people remained connected.

Due to COVID, we needed to pivot our strategy quickly. Our campaigns needed to speak to the needs of the market that went beyond just sales and speak to the heart of our audience whilst still fitting in with our business strategy of ‘Connection’. We created a communication series that fitted into the overarching narrative of Connection, but spoke to our customers, assuring them that we were there for them, especially at this time.

Media Used:
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, twitter.