Advancing Backwards

Skills: Illustration, Layout, Logo Design, Paper, Poster
Client: Exhibition for the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa

“To know your future, you must know your past,

each stepping stone that has been cast.

Remember the good, as well as the bad,

and feel the emotions of happy and sad.”

(Margaret Jang)

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We are, to a large extent, our past. We are shaped through our distant ancestors as well as our personal experience. It is important to be aware of that heritage.

The vision I have is to create that awareness and to help families express it in an artistic way.

South Africans have such a rich and diverse past.  All families have shaped our unique historical landscape.  Many of whom make us feel proud, and perhaps not so proud. Often these differences were celebrated, but at times they were used to alienate.

In the end it matters who you are, and what role your family continues to play in South Africa.

The story of your family must be told.

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